DaVinci Code Fact or Fiction

Editorial Beryl, 17 May 2006

Whether or not the DaVinci Code is fact or fiction,  I do not understand the negative press from the so called Christian Churches.  For anyone to say they do not believe Jesus was married, is to say that Christ Jesus was not the Son of God.  To believe God does not sanction marriage is false and those who teach against marriage of the Son of God do not understand the Scriptures.  From the Beginning with Adam and Eve and the other wives, God / Good has promoted marriage between man and woman, it is the way of Our Father in Heaven, (and yes, Our Mothers in Heaven), The True God of this Earth, and other Planets where the Sons and Daughters of the Gods dwell.  Father Abraham, the Father of the Faithful was married, and also set the good exampleJacob, or Israel the Father of the Ten Tribesset the good example in marrying and with his wives created bodies for Children of GodChrist Jesus came and set a good example taught marriage, was active at His marriage as recorded in the New Testament.  Provided wine at the proper time for His marriage, it was his place as groom to provide for His guests.  Though the translators of the Holy Writ left many truths out, there is enough to know that Christ Jesus taught and Sanctified marriage by being a living example.  Isaiah who prophesied of the birth of the Messiah, also prophesied that when He would suffer for us all, he would look down and see his seed, his children.  This he did, as He hung on the Cross, suffering in anguish for the sins of the World, for the sins of the Sons and Daughters of The Holy Father, and our Holy Mothers,  He looked down upon His Wives and Children.  Please believe in the True Son of God, not the lies that have been perpetuated for many generations.  Jesus was married, He did have children, He has decedents living upon the Earth today.  Believe and live according to the Eternal Truths.  If Christ Jesus was not married with children, he could not be a true example of the One True God.  One must either believe that He lived the Eternal Law of Marriage,  or else  look for  another  Messiah.   He will come again, and His Train will fill the Temple.  (Train in this case is Hs wives,   Mothers of His posterity).    To teach the sanctity of Marriage and then refrain from Marriage is Hypocrisy.  Christ Jesus was not and is not a Hypocrite.   Many people are in their beliefs and teachings.  Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free.

In Love of God Christ Jesus Eternal.

A Shepherd