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Gerald's Web Site from Desert Springs Oasis in Beautiful Southern Utah


   You have just reached a unique shepherd of Southern Utah.  This person enjoys life in the High Desert, sometimes more than others.  A few Llamas which  are delightful, chickens,   Guineas, Turkeys, and other birds, etc.  Do some spinning and weaving, gardening and studying of Theology. 

Desire to help bring together like minded people who have a desire to work for common goals.


Some experiences: Rancher, Farmer, Grain Elevator Operator, Barber, Gardner,
LDS Missionary, Electronic Systems Analyst, Chemistry Lab Tech, Construction, Drill Hand, Webmaster....

Scenes of Southern Utah
G. C. Jones 



I have a dream of developing an Oasis in the desert at "Desert Springs",  where birds and other creatures can have a place for shade, a drink , and rest, and something to eat, but it takes resources.
Anyone who may wish to contribute for trees, shrubs, pumping of water, Solar Panels etc. would be greatly appreciated by all concerned, I am sure.

   An increased desire, dream (goal, if I may) is to help develop a place here in the high desert with fresh air, good water and beautiful starlit nights without bright city lights to interfere, where kind, loving, sharing mothers, and fathers, and those dear sisters who desire to be mothers, can rear their children in peace and love. The vision is seeing all working together, sharing in the joy of raising health promoting food, and experiencing the sharing of teaching the children in an atmosphere of love. Some are shearing sheep, goats, or llamas, then sharing with their children the art of dying and spinning of natural fibers into thread or yarn, and then weaving the yarn into cloth and clothing materials. I understand that there are those who would find this kind of life too difficult and undesirable, this would be for those who are really desirous of experiencing life in all its teaching / learning moments. This is a way for those who desire the experience of coming to know who we are and what we are made of, both physical and spiritual. This would be a place where we could build our "nests" or dwelling places ourselves by a cooperative effort of love, using as much as possible native materials. The birds do this why shouldn't we? Would like to hear from those who have like dreams. Those searching for the Good/God life of Pure Love, seeking Balance, and striving to be Peaceable by working together. By sharing in our experiences, we can learn together. Let us Communicate. Like to hear from dear brothers and sisters, with good dreams. If we don't have a dream, how are we going to have our dreams come true?


What is the difference between a Shepherd and a Sheep herder?

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